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What Is A Keepsake Urn?



While shopping for a cremation urn, you may run across a type of urn called a Keepsake Urn.

Aren't they all keepsake urns? you might ask. 

The term Keepsake Urn refers to a smaller urn that might hold a smaller amount of ashes, as compared to a full-sized urn that has capacity for all of the ashes of one person.

There are several reasons why this is a popular option. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Some people might divide the ashes among friends and family members. 
  • Many people scatter some of the ashes, but keep a small amount.
  • Some people might inter some of the ashes, and keep the remainder of them

Keepsake urns are a sweet way to keep a remembrance of your loved one closeby. One of the biggest advantages to opting for a keepsake urn is that the size is not as crucial as it can be with a full-sized urn. Keepsake urns range from thimble size to approximately 45 cubic inches* This size flexibility also allows for many more style options. Here are some great examples of keepsake urns from the Shine On Brightly Collection.


Acorn Keepsake Urn




                                                                                            Cylinder Keepsake Urn


*The general rule of thumb to determine urn size is 1 pound = 1 cubic inch, i.e., if a person weighed 150 at the end of life, you would need an urn that measures at least 150 cubic inches.












                                                                                                Peaceful Keepsake Urn

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