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Urns For Sale

Cremation rates are on the rise everywhere. There are many resources available today that offer urns for sale. The following is a brief introduction to the types of urns that are available.

Ceramic Cremation Urns are probably the most common type of urns for sale in today's market. They date back to ancient cultures that have practiced cremation for centuries. The ceramic cremation urn can be made in almost every color, and in many sizes. Glazes on the surface produce the colors, which can range from an overall smooth color, to one color with splotches of varying shades and even contrasting colors. Ceramic can also be a backdrop for images that are painted onto the surface of the piece before glazing. A ceramic cremation urn should include a lid, which can be permanently adhered with an appropriate epoxy. Some potters will even incorporate ashes into the clay if desired.

Glass Cremation Urns are a lovely choice. They are usually made with an opaque texture so that the ashes within are not too visible. A thicker glass, especially one with patterns incorporated into the design, is a nice choice. This is another material in which an artist can incorporate ashes into the glass itself. Also, a snugly fitting lid should always be included with a glass urn.

Metal Cremation Urns are not quite as commonly seen. However, they are very striking and, of course, incredibly durable. This is a great material for an urn that will be kept outside in a garden or special exterior place. A lid can be permanently welded shut if desired. Metal urns, like all other cremation urns, can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Wood Urns can be made in different ways as well. A wooden urn that is rectangular in shape is quite common. A wood cremation urn can also be "turned" on a lathe, however. These urns are more round in shape and more urn-like in appearance. The beauty of the wooden cremation urn is that there are so many woods from which to choose, depending on availability. Many lids are constructed with grooves so that they can be screwed into the body of the urn for secure closure.

Keepsake Urns are very popular today. So many families are transient in our modern society.  It has become common practice for some families to divide the ashes among family members and/or friends. Keepsake urns can be made in so many sizes and materials, from very small to partial urn-size.

Biodegradable Urns are becoming more and more popular as the green movement gains momentum. A biodegradable urn can de-compose with time so that the ashes return to the earth. Many people use biodegradable urns during ceremonies where ashes are placed into a body of water. The container then dissolves, allowing the ashes to disperse within the water.



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