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Photo Collage

Photo Collage

A photograph can honor the past and bring healing. Looking at old photographs can be one of the most healing processes for many people who have lost a loved one. Our Photo Collage takes your photos and re-purposes them to create a special, unique tribute to your loved one. A photograph is a moment frozen in time. The photo collage takes that moment further, by integrating a story about relationships and life.

How Does The Photo Collage Work?

When you contact us to get started on your photo collage, we put you in touch with the artist. Together, you'll begin a dialogue about your loved one. You tell us about his/her personality and life story. This can include the important people in his/her life, the places he/she loved to visit, the activities that were important to him/her. You will then provide us with photos. You can provide as many as 5 photos (and more, if desired). The artist will create a montage, or scene, based on your story, combined with the photographs. The end product is a scene that will bring the story to life.

The photo collage below is a real example. The scene that is created provides so much more than a photograph. It's a compilation of image and story that provides healing for all. We've seen people together in photo collages who might not have been alive at the same time, or might not have ended up together. The beauty of the photo collage, is that this healing can take place in a visual format, to be honored forever.

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