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Photo Collage

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Product Description

Looking at old photographs can be one of the most healing processes for people who have lost a loved one - and sometimes the most painful. 

But when a memory artist takes those photos saturated in bittersweet memories and digitally repurposes them into vibrant storytelling portraits – now you have a one-of-a-kind, joyous tribute to your loved one.  This “picture of a memory you have or wish you had” becomes infinitely more rich than that single photograph. 

A memorial photo collage can be a “royal” portrait, bringing to life a story about your loved one’s character, relationships and work ethic; even including imagery you may not have, such as your loved one’s favorite places and foods. Or it can visualize “where your loved one is now,” in a sacred place surrounded by all that was meaningful to them, including imagery reflecting their sense of humor, music, or faith tradition.

To get started on your Memorial Photo Collage, we put you directly in touch with the artist. Tell her about your loved one; who else to include; to whom the Photo Collage will be given; and where it will be displayed. A story idea will click in her head, and she’ll guide you right away to the photos she needs, which you can send via email or snail mail. Our artist then creates the photomontage for your review. The final photomontage will be a seamless combination of photos (yours and the artist’s), as if someone just snapped the picture!





Zindi's’s Memorial Photo Collage

Zindi’s 13-year old son Corey and her brother Laz died in a fatal car accident. Because the special connection between Corey and Laz was always time spent out on the boat, the preferred story for Zindi's memorial photo collage becomes Corey and Laz enjoying themselves on Lake San Vicente. In Zindi's own words:  

"It's hard when you miss them physically. But when you know they're fine, that it's us who are grief-stricken, it's good to picture them happy. It's like sending your child to summer camp. When they go away, you miss them. At the same time you know they're having fun. We'll go to camp too one day. I get a peaceful feeling that they're flying through the water, doing whatever they want to be doing."

             coreymhealingdreamscape-source1.jpg   coreymhealingdreamscape-source0.jpg    coreymhealingdreamscape-source2.jpg

These photos were sent to the artist by Zindi. They were transformed into the magical Photo Collage shown above, entitled Zindi's’s Memorial Photo Collage.






Joan’s Memorial Photo Collage

For her own personal healing, Joan is introducing a scholarship in her husband, Dave's name. Yet a crucial visual piece is missing which can convey the diversity of Dave's life as a beloved professor, musician, and lover of history. So a storyscape was created out of his reputation within the family as “Teacherman." Included is imagery of the Washington forest where his college resides, and an iconic blackboard (Joan and daughter modeled as the two students on the right). The final piece now reflects a poignant quote of Dave's grandmother: "Where does that boy get those ideas?"  

            dave-h-dave.jpg        davidhshealingdreamscape-source0.jpg             davidhshealingdreamscape-source1.jpg 

 These photos were sent to the artist by Joan. They were transformed into the magical Photo Collage shown above, entitled David H's Healing Dreamscape.


Excited to meet the artist?

Call us at 866-844-4469 or email info@shineonbrightly.com today to get started!

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