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Pet Cremation Is On The Rise


Just as human cremation rates are soaring nationwide, more and more people are opting for cremation for their pets. The reasons for both are similar. Traditionally, people buried their beloved pets on the land, close to home. While this practice is still commonplace, especially in rural areas, more vets or animal hospitals offer pet cremation as one of their services. Economically, cremation is less expensive than buying a plot in a pet cemetery. Typically, the average cost for an animal burial is $800, while a pet cremation averages $80.

Also, and probably more commonly, more people are transient in today's society, so people like being able to bring their pet's ashes  to their new place of residence. We lost a beautiful German Shepherd shortly before we moved from Rhode Island to North Carolina. We really wanted to bring our dog's ashes with us so we were grateful to be able to do so. 

The pet memorial choices have also increased during recent years. Shine On Brightly offers a wonderful selection of artist made pet cremation urns and memorials that help preserve the memory of our cherished pets forever. View these wonderful pieces here.


Best Friend ALT1.jpg                                             White_Kitty_with_4e724c854c463.jpg

"Best Friend" Dog Urn                                                                                                               "White Kitty" Cat Urn

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