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Memory Portraits

Paintings, specifically portraits, pay tribute to those we have loved in two ways. A realistic rendition expresses the inner essence and physical representation of the beloved. That certain expression or special glance can be captured so miraculously in a painting. A portrait memorializes the personality and spirit of a loved one forever.

Whether your Memory Portrait depicts the memory of a loved one, or a favorite place, our Memory Portrait artist work swith you to find the essence of that memory. Photographs can be used to reproduce a person or place realistically or with additional key elements added to the composition of the piece.

Memory Portraits have been popular for ages. Many times a portrait reflects the physical features of your loved one. However, some portraits depict inanimate objects that reflect the identity of your loved one, the interests, career, or symbols of his or her spirit and personality.

When you commission your Memorial Portrait, we put you directly in touch with the artist so that she can gather as much information about your loved one as possible. Through conversations and your supply of photos and descriptions, she will create a stunning piece that can be passed down through generations.

Sizes and Pricing

11"x 14"  $600

16" x 20"   $990

18" x 24"   $1500

24" x 32"   $2800


Call us today at 828-348-0455 or email info@shineonbrightly.com to get started.


Below you'll find some examples of these life-affirming Memorial Portraitsartistic cremation urns



artistic cremation urns


artistic cremation urns


artistic cremation urns

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