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Memorial Photo Collage

Looking at old photographs can be one of the most healing processes for people who have lost a loved one, and sometimes the most painful. Our Memorial Photo Collage digitally repurposes photos saturated in bittersweet memories to create a one-of-a-kind, joyous tribute to your loved one. These epic portraits take these moments frozen in time a step further, bringing to life a story about your loved one’s character, relationships and legacy. We can also include photos you may not have, such as sacred places and favorite foods, meaningful objects or symbols of faith.

To get started on your Memorial Photo Collage, we put you directly in touch with the artist. Tell her about the main subject; who else to include; to whom the Photo Collage will be given; and where it will be displayed. A story idea will click in her head, and she’ll guide you right away to the photos she needs, sent via email or snail mail. Our artist then creates the photomontage for your review. The final photomontage will be a seamless combination of photos (yours and the artist’s), as if someone just snapped the picture!

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