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Memorial Mosaic Headstone Designs

The traditional cemetery is evolving. Rows and rows of grey concrete slabs are being replaced by more personalized, artfully created tributes to the deceased. Memorial Mosaic Grave Markers are beautiful and enduring pictures built of stone, custom created to celebrate and honor the life of your loved one. These stone mosaics typically serve in place of a traditional grave marker, often covering the whole burial site. Memorial Mosaic Headstone Designs offer you an amazing opportunity to tell a story about your loved one, the life story, passions, and legacy. The image created, the colors chosen, the types of stones, can all connect to that life and your lasting memories.

There’s no end to possible sources of inspiration for your beloved’s memorial. Designs can be very abstract, like shapes that suggest the mountains, the sea, or a quilt pattern. Designs can also be more representational, like human or animal figures or a precise rendering of a city skyline. Ideas can come from anywhere: your beloved’s favorite place, a piece of artwork he/she made, his/her profession or hobbies and might even include his/her image. Inscriptions may be placed on a separate panel within the piece or integrated into the design. Inscriptions can include any desired text, such as dates, prayers, or quotes.

Stone is the primary material that is used in Memorial Mosaic Headstone Designs. This can include a combination of stone with natural finishes- the rough textures of quarried or field stone, the smooth shapes of beach pebbles or river rock- as well as the honed and polished finishes of slab stones, like the granites and marbles used for countertops. Stone scraps from local countertop companies can also be integrated into the design, which is a popular way to recycle a ‘waste’ material. By juxtaposing different colors and textures, images and moods tell the story of a life.

The selected materials also help to connect and deepen the story. The design may include stones from a part of the world that was important to the person, or perhaps even actual stones collected during travels. Other durable materials, like cast or slab glass, weatherproof tiles, or metal, may find their way into certain designs.

Shine On Brightly’s Memorial Mosaic Headstone Designs are co-designed by a professional stone mason/ artist, and the client. The company and stone mason are based in Asheville, North Carolina, which enjoys a long legacy of fine craftsmanship. The collaborative nature of the Memorial Mosaic Headstone Design allows the client to describe the loved one to the artist.  Together, they explore visual themes to celebrate the life of the loved one. This process takes place in many ways: in person, over the phone, and on the internet with e-mail and Skype. People often find this to be a very healing and celebratory process. The client provides stories, insights, pictures, and details that help the artist create a truly moving and appropriate memorial.

Most of the memorial products in today’s market are out-sourced and mass-produced. However, today’s consumer seeks uniqueness and superior quality when making an important purchase such as a memorial. Shine On Brightly fills this niche by providing affordable, hand-crafted products that are made in the US. Outstanding customer service is paramount to the mission of this company. Shine On Brightly offers a much more personal shopping experience than the mega-urn websites. Having experienced major losses in life, the company's owner handles each customer with compassion.

Memorial Mosaic Headstone Markers can be ordered by calling Shine On Brightly, toll free, at 866-844-4469, or by emailing info@shineonbrightly.com. The Shine On Brightly collection includes memorials for anyone, regardless of whether the person has been buried or cremated. “This is not just a cremation-oriented website,” adds Crowther. “ We believe that art has the power to heal many of life’s difficult passages, and we didn’t want to narrow our offerings. For that reason, we offer memorial portraits, guest register books, and memorial jewelry. Our customers seek out our products because they offer an alternative to the mass-produced memorials that seem to appear on every other site."


 This commissioned Memorial Mosaic Headstone Design is installed in historic Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, NC


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