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Memorial Keepsakes

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Memorial Keepsakes are treasures that mark the memory of a loved one in many different ways. All of our memorial keepsakes are handmade with love and care by talented artisans. From Memorial Art Quilts, to Memorial Glass, Memorial Photo Collage, and Memory Portraits, our Memorial Keepsakes are as unique as your loved one. Each Memorial Keepsake is made to order. To order a Memorial Keepsake, simply contact us and describe your vision. We'll put you in touch with the appropriate artist, and together, you'll design the perfect tribute. Through conversations, pictures, and your stories and descriptions, the artist will gather the information needed to capture the essence of your loved one in a way that seems almost magical. 

Memorial Art Quilts are actual quilts that can include photos of your loved one that are transferred to fabric, and sewn into the design. These Memorial Art Quilts can also include precious mementos into the design, such as a wedding ring, favorite brooch, or any other symbol of the unique personality of your loved one. You can also use fabric from the clothing or personal belongings of your loved one. The favorite colors of your loved one can evoke the personality even more. Every one of these fabulous Memorial Art Quilts is exquisite!


Memorial Glass infuses the ashes of your loved one into a beautiful glass sculpture or paperweight. Again, colors can really reflect the personality of your loved one. The artist takes the ashes that you send us, and rolls them into the molten glass, to create swirling, stardust-like patterns. The finished product is always unique. Memorial Glass pieces are stunning, and they make wonderful gifts for anyone who has experienced a loss. They're also a great idea for families with many siblings or relatives and friends who want a small amount of ash to hold as a beautiful tribute. 


Memorial Photo Collage is a clever and creative way to tell a story. You work directly with the artist by supplying pictures and stories about your loved one. These collages can include other family members, friends, favorite places, and more. Our Memorial Photo Collage artist can also help you create a wish or vision for your loved one, by combining people and places that may or may not have been together. The Memorial Photo Collage is a wonderful way to capture your loved one the way you want to remember him/her.


Memory Portraits have honored the memory of loved ones since the beginning of recorded time. Pictures tell a thousand words. Our Memory Portrait artist is especially gifted in her ability to express so much sentiment in her painting. Her remarkable technique captures that certain look of an eye, or special body posture that is unique to each of us. You'll work directly with the artist so that she has enough photos, descriptions, and any other stories you care to share about your loved one, to represent all that you love about the person being honored and memorialized.



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