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Memorial Guest Books

Handmade Guest Books

These exquisite hand-made memorial guest books are constructed from hand-marbled papers and silk fabrics. They provide the perfect volume to commemorate life’s important events, to document guests and messages at a memorial gathering, or to gather stories, photos, and memorabilia.

Our handmade guest books are available as single, hand-bound books, or hand-bound books within a matching clamshell box. The book fits securely inside the matching clamshell boxwhich provides an elegant and protected display container. Books can be made to order by using the form found on the Memorial Book display page. This form allows you to select the perfect fabric to cover the book in combination with the paper of your choice, to create a beautiful commemorative memory book.

Additionally, you can opt for a lovely nameplate on the cover of the book and/or clamshell box. For example, a popular cover includes a nameplate with the full name and dates of the deceased in a beautiful calligraphy font. A favorite poem, quote, or phrase can also be added to this cover, for a very personal touch.

The beauty of the handmade guest book within a clamshell box is that mementos such as jewelry, cards, photos, or other trinkets can be kept safely in the box alongside the book. What a uniquely personal tribute to a loved one!

Our favorite use for our handmade guest book is to display it prominently at a memorial service or funeral service, so that guests can sign it, write messages to the family, or tributes to the loved one, or even draw pictures within it. So often we don't remember exactly who attended a memorial service, due to the overwhelm of emotions and thoughts at this difficult time. The handmade guest book is a wonderful way to document the event, and remind us of who shared in the memory.

And what's more...our handmade guest books can be custom ordered with the marble design of your choice for the cover of the book and/or clamshell box. If your loved one had a favorite color, it helps to personalize the book by using that color. These are truly works of art that can be treasured for a lifetime, and then passed down as a valuable family heirloom.



allow 2 weeks for delivery ]

Additional colors and sizes are available upon request.



Please contact us for custom color combinations by calling toll free 866-844-4469 or by email at info@shineonbrightly.com

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