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Memorial Gift Ideas

Memorial Gift Ideas

Many of us have experienced loss of some sort, be it a close relative or friend, or even a beloved pet. And for those of us who have suffered the pain of loss, we know how much the support and care of a friend can help us. So many times we hear people say that they want to help, but don’t know what to say or do to ease the pain of grief. Many people offer their sympathy and support with food. This is always a welcomed gift. Flowers have also been a thoughtful gesture, however, today it is common to see messages such as: “in lieu of flowers, please donate to xyz charity fund.”

There are also some wonderful memorial gifts available to help someone process their grief. This article offers some suggestions for meaningful gifts that are sure to touch the heart of someone who is grieving.


Memorial Jewelry

Jewelry that pays tribute to someone is often referred to as memorial jewelry. There are countless variations on this theme. A pendant with a photo of the loved one is always a lovely gesture. You may have a great photo of the person who is memorialized, or you can always ask your friend if he/she has a favorite picture of the loved one. There are also photo charms that can be worn on a bracelet. The beauty of photo memorial jewelry, or photo keepsake jewelry, as it’s often called, is that the memory of a loved one is always close to the heart.

                                keepsake photo memorial jewelry

Keepsake Photo Pendant Keepsake Photo Bracelet


Cremation Jewelry

Cremation is becoming more popular with time. Cremation Jewelry is available in many styles. A small amount of ash can be incorporated into a pendant, either visibly or hidden. There are lots of small vials available that can be worn on a chain. Dichroic glass is also a great medium for cremation pendants. The dichroic glass pendant integrates vibrant color, so the favorite color of the loved one can also personalize this option.


                                           blue green classic memorial jewelry

                      Small Blue Green Classic Pendant without visible ashes


Dichroic glass pendants often have tiny white specks in the design. These specks are actual ashes, yet they have the look of stardust, and therefore have a special magical effect. However, not everyone is comfortable wearing a pendant with visible ashes. Many dichroic glass pendants can be made so that the ashes are not visible.

memorial jewelry 

                           "Vortex Pendant" with visible ashes



Memorial Glass is a sculptural piece of glass that features a vibrant color and ash that appears as tiny white flecks. This is another creative way in which to memorialize someone. Many families and friends opt for memorial glass when the ashes have been divided. Memorial glass is available in most colors, so the color can also represent the spirit or personality of the loved one.


celestial-sphere urn necklace

"Celestial Sphere" Memorial Glass



Guest Register Books and Legacy Books

Most people love photos. Memory books are gifts to be cherished for generations. A hand-bound memory book is especially meaningful because it has been crafted by a person, as opposed to a mass-produced album. Again, color and texture can be customized to reflect the character of the loved one. The hand-bound memory book is an ideal gift for a memorial service. Friends and family members can contribute photos, write stories about the loved one, write messages to the family, or even draw pictures.

koester-yellow-book urn

                    Guest Register Book

photo memory urn necklace

                 Legacy Books


Memorial Textile Art Quilt

Similar to a painting, a textile art quilt can pay special tribute to a loved one through the use of fabric, objects, color, and texture. Photos can even be transferred onto fabric to add to the collage. You can work closely with an artist to select the favorite colors of a loved one, or mementos such as jewelry pieces or a wedding ring. The artist will ask you questions about the loved one about the personality, interests, and hobbies of the loved one. That information is used to design and create a personalized art quilt that is a tribute to be shared for generations.

Textile art quilts can be very small or quite large, to cover a pillow or hang on a wall, like a painting. These quilts are exquisite and are a gift to be treasured.

                                              urn necklace 

urn necklace

                                Memorial Art Quilt


Any of these concepts is a wonderful, unique gift idea that is sure to be appreciated and cherished by the recipient. A hand-crafted memorial gift can provide so much solace. It shows that you value the memory of someone with a meaningfulness that expresses your care and compassion.

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