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How To Keep Memory Alive

How To Keep Memory Alive

The loss of a loved one is a traumatic event, to say the least. Your loved one is no longer present in physical form, yet the memory of the events, shared fun, good times and bad, live on in our hearts. We want to honor that memory, and keep it alive.

There are many events in daily life that trigger a memory. Perhaps most common among them is music. How many times have you heard a song that immediately triggered a memory of something or someone? You and your loved one may have shared a favorite song. Or your loved one may have had a favorite artist. When you hear that song or artist, it can transport you in memory to happier times with your loved one. It can be difficult to hear this music because it reminds us that this person is no longer here. But it can also be quite healing to really listen to the music and recall these happy times.

Food is another great memory trigger. A loved one may have loved a special recipe. Whenever you make that recipe, you can hold your loved one in your heart, and consider it a tribute to him/her. While this might elicit sadness for the loss, it might also help you to remember fondly.

Photographs are a wonderful way in which to keep a memory alive. Your loved one’s image is forever present in your heart and mind, yet a photograph can capture a certain smile or expression that elicits fun memories. A photograph can make you smile.

In the same way that a photograph can be a constant reminder of your love, a painting can also provide comfort. An artist can paint an image of your loved one from a photograph. This becomes a wonderful piece of art for your home, as well as a beautiful tribute.

cremation urns

                                              Memorial Portraits


Guest Register Books are a perfect place to collect photos, letters, quotes, messages, and more. Collecting these objects can provide a great opportunity for processing your grief. While it may be difficult to gather a lot of these objects in one place, you’ll be glad that you have one place to go to where you can indulge in that memory.

koester green book burial urn

                                               Guest Register Books


Many people find it helpful to keep some of the clothing of a loved one. If stored properly, that garment might still carry a familiar scent that transports you back to being with your loved one. The sense of smell is often the most powerful sensation for invoking memory.

A memorial art quilt is a beautiful art piece that can reflect the memory of your loved one with color, texture, imagery, and small mementos. These art pieces are made of fabrics in colors that remind you of your loved one – whether it’s his/her favorite color, or the color of his/her eyes or hair. You can work with an artist to design the piece to represent the personality, using shapes and texture. Someone who was calm and demure might be represented with muted colors and soft fabrics and textures. A vibrant personality might be represented with bright colors and vivid shapes. A favorite piece of jewelry, wedding ring, or symbol can be integrated into the design as well. Even a photo can be transferred to fabric, and then sewn into the pattern.

                                                   Memorial Art Quilt



Cremation Jewelry is another way to keep memory alive. A pendant can be made to include a small amount of ash or even a lock of hair. The use of color can further personalize such a piece. Cremation Jewelry can keep the memory of your loved one close to your heart always.

                                       Small Blue-Green Classic Pendant


While it can be quite painful to conjure these memories, it can also be instrumental in processing grief. Your loved one and all the memories are carried in your heart forever. If you can remember that, it might transcend that feeling of loss into a feeling of a lifelong bond. 




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