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Guest Register Books FAQ's



Do your guest register books come in other colors?      Our hand-bound guest register books are available in all colors. The artist uses silk fabric to cover the book and has access to many colors and textures. Just ask us for a specific color and we'll find it! She then uses those colors to select a coordinating hand-marbled liner paper. Each book is then hand-bound with impeccable precision.

Are the register books available in other sizes?     Absolutely! On our website, we feature the following sizes:


cremation urns

                                         4.25” x 5.75” x 80 pages (without box)                                         


burial urn                                        9.25” x 11” x 80 pages (includes box) 


Please note that the two latter sizes are available with or without a matching box.

How are these books used?       These books are of such excellent quality, that they are really great as keepsakes. We have personally used them for two family memorials where the guests wrote messages to our family, told short stories about the person, wrote poems, drew pictures, or simply signed their names. We cherish these books because these heart-felt messages were written at a time when the guests were focused on our loved ones.

Can the name of our loved one be incorporated in some way?         Yes. We recommend that the name and dates of your loved one be given. If desired, the artist will include a tasteful plaque on the cover of the book, onto which she calligraphs them in an ink that matches the color scheme of the book. We've also included short poems or quotes.

Why does the book come with a box?      The answer to this is twofold. Firstly, the box can serve as a lovely protective container. Also, you can request a box with inner compartments into which you can place special mementos.

For all questions related to our Hand-bound Guest Register Books, please feel free to contact us at info@shineonbrightly.com, or call us toll free at 866-844-4469.

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