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Funeral Gifts

When someone has suffered a profound loss, it’s often comforting for him or her to know that the  support of friends is present. As a friend, you want to help, but often don’t know what to do. A funeral gift is a symbol of this support and compassion. Traditionally, a flower arrangement has been sent. Today, however, we often see messages from the family of the deceased that request, in lieu of flowers, that a donation is made to a favorite charity. This is a wonderful token of support.

There are also other ways to offer a gift. Since personalization is always meaningful, we offer you these ideas, that are unique, personalized tributes to a loved one.


Legacy Books

Everyone loves photos, especially those of a beloved friend or family member who has passed. A memory book, especially one that is hand-bound with beautiful fabric and lined with hand-marbled paper, provides an exquisite volume to hold these treasured memories. The blank pages can be filled with photos, poems, stories, blessings, and more. The book can chronicle a life.

urn necklace

 Legacy Book


Memorial Jewelry

Jewelry is always a lovely gift. It can be worn as a symbol of everlasting love. A photo keepsake pendant or charm bracelet is a wonderful way to honor a loved one with favorite images that are transferred onto the pendant or charms, and attached to a chain.

                  urn necklace         

                    Keepsake Photo Pendant


     Keepsake_Photo_B urns for ashes   

Keepsake Photo Bracelet 

In the case of  cremation, pendants can be made that contain ashes within, either visibly or non-visibly. There are colorful styles available that are quite fashionable.urn necklace

Round Embrace Pendant

Memorial Glass

Also for someone whose loved one has been cremated, memorial glass is a unique memento. Ashes are incorporated into the glass, adding color, to create a gorgeous collectible that honors a loved one.

urn necklace

Memorial Glass



Memoriy Portraits

A painting can be commissioned from a photo of your loved one or a favorite place that was enjoyed by your loved one. This is a beautiful tribute that can be passed down as a family heirloom.

urns for ashes



Memorial Art Quilt

Another unique tribute is the memorial textile art quilt. Just as a painting uses color, form, and texture, the textile art quilt can depict the personality of a loved one with color, fabric, and mementos. You can speak with the artist about the personality and interests of your love one, to create a perfect tribute. The artist might use bright colors and bold shapes to honor someone whose personality was vibrant. Someone whose personality was more demure might be represented with softer tones and fabrics. Additionally, photos can be transferred onto fabric, to be incorporated into the design. Mementos such as a wedding ring or favorite brooch can also be integrated. Shapes, color, and objects can also be included to reflect the interests, profession, or talents of that person as well.

urn necklace

A personalized gift is something that would be cherished forever. While a flower arrangement or food basket is indeed a thoughtful gift, a unique, hand-crafted gift is special and lasting. It is something that will not be replicated, but will always be appreciated. 


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