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Cremation Jewelry FAQ's


How do I order Cremation Jewelry?

       When you place an order for cremation jewelry, we will send you a package that contains a small vial in which to place 1-2 teaspoons of cremation ashes. The vial is labeled with your name on it. It is sent to you in a plastic bag, which also is marked with your name to ensure proper identity of the ashes. A pre-paid, self-addressed envelope is also included. Simply place the filled vial into the plastic bag, then into the pre-paid envelope, and send it to us. Your piece will be ready in approximately 3-4 weeks. We contact you with delivery schedule and tracking information when the piece is shipped.


Do pendants include a cord?

          Some of the dichroic glass pieces include a ribbon, which is also indicated on the listing. Other dichroic glass pendants include a black cord, which provides a neutral, safe way to wear your cremation pendant.

Round_Embrace_Pe_4e7240d60d3df.jpg Vortex_Pendant_4e4aec389dd4a.jpg

    Round Embrace Cremation Pendant with ribbon                    Vortex Cremation Pendant with cord



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