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Cost of a Funeral

I love Lucinda Williams. She's a great songwriter, and her lyrics are so meaningful. She has one CD called "West," that has a lot of songs about the loss of a loved one. She has one song called "Fancy Funeral," in which she talks about the cost of a high-end funeral. In her mind, that's not necessary, and, most importantly, she says that a "fancy funeral" doesn't change the fact that this loved one is gone. 

I think this is always a personal dedision, and I realize that many people have the means to spend a lot of money on a funeral, feeling that it's the right thing to do. By writing this post, I'm not disrespectful of that decision. But I do think it's a great song, and it expresses one opinion about the cost of a funeral. Here are the lyrics ~

"Fancy Funeral"

Some think a fancy funeral
Would be worth every cent
For every dime and nickel
There's money better spent

Better spent on groceries
And covering the bills
Instead of little luxuries
And unnecessary frills

Lovely yellow daffodils
And lacy filigree
Pretty little angels
For everyone to see

Lilly of the valley
Long black limousines
It's three or four months' salary
Just to pay for all those things

So don't buy a fancy funeral
It's not worth it in the end
Goodbyes can still be beautiful
With all the money that you'll spend

'Cause no amount of riches
Can bring back what you've lost
To satisfy your wishes
You'll never justify the cost
Along these lines, many people today opt for a memorial service. Often, a memorial service can be a much more economical way to honor a loved one's life. It also allows for a lot of creativity and control of expenses. My daughters and I planned a beautiful service for my husband. It was in our yard on a hot summer day. He was cremated directly, so that expense was minimal. We rented catering tents and chairs, which was our biggest expense. We asked everyone in attendance to bring a dish to share. The service was deeply personal and lovely - a perfect tribute to him. It was followed by a delicious meal that was prepared with lots of love by lots of friends and family. We had a beautiful Shine On Brightly guest register book on display that is now filled with blessings, pictures, and stories that were contributed by familly and friends that day. 

artistic cremation urns blue book
                                                  Blue Guest Register Book
So, while a fancy funeral is right for many people, there are other options. It's a great idea to get input from close family to be sure everyone agrees on the best way to send off your loved one. 

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