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Louis Colombarini

"Over the past 30 years many of our clay vessels have found their way as art pieces to celebrate and memorialize the lives of both humans and animals alike. In addition, we have been commissioned to create one of a kind urns for friends and family members. This idea couldn't have come at a better time, considering the need for earth's inhabitants to go green, and conserve space on our ever-growing planet." Louis and Christine Colombarini have been collaborating in the creation of clay vessels and sculptured forms for over thirty years. Based in middle Tennessee, they bring the simplicity of clay to life with perfect form, texture, and color, which has become an infinite challenge. As artists, potters, designers, sculptors, and chemists, they strive for excellence and celebrate the success of an aesthetically pleasing ceramic piece. Through the years they've taken their audience down visual avenues of classical, abstract, deco, futuristic, and neo-primitive design.
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