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Kat McIver

I experience my art as a radical response and prayer to life. Each piece develops as a deep, evolutionary process, expressing my personal spiritual journey and the emotional vicissitudes of beingness. Each sculpture arises out of an erotic dance between my hands and the clay, as we give, yield, caress, and let go into the unknown. My creative hope is to connect to you, the viewer, at a heart level. I am grateful to you for witnessing my creations, and for the experiences from which the art has emerged. You are viewing an unusual group of pieces which are reliquary pieces, or as I call them, “SpiritKeepers”. They developed during a friend’s recent process of dying. I was aware of my need to honor her in a individual way, and realized others might have that need as well for their loved ones. Each is a unique piece, which I hope might capture a quality of being in a loved one in some way. Most have a drawer, or opening in which one can place ashes, or simply honor the Spirit through the energy of the piece. They can also be used to hold intention for oneself, another or for the world as a whole. These are a few samples of my SpiritKeepers. They may also be commissioned for a specific loved one, to capture his/her specific soul beauty.
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