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Julia Burr

"The opportunity to pay homage to someone by creating a vessel for their ashes completely knocks my socks off. The possibilities are endless and I am intensely honored to be an artist in this endeavor." Julia Burr has never been one to follow the traditional path. As a result, her experiences have left her with an excellent foundation for almost any creative process: simultaneously innovative and pragmatic. Shortly after receiving her MFA from California Institute of the Arts, Julia found herself in the thick of the entertainment industry. With the burgeoning growth of special effects in Hollywood, she was able to bring her fine arts sensibilities to hundreds of commercial projects that required her to learn and implement all phases of fabrication. As she moved up the ranks, it was Julia's unique aesthetic that would give her work the edge. Working with a variety of companies, she traveled all over the world creating installations in places such as Japan, Spain, Taiwan, China and Belgium. While much of her career in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Orlando focused on very large projects, since moving to Black Mountain, North Carolina, Julia has shifted to more intimate projects and individual works of art. Please contact info@shineonbrightly.com or call 866-844-4469 toll free for information about commissioned works by this artist.
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