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Jeff Crawford

Jeff Crawford is an Art Director with over 30 years experience in the field. While in Los Angeles, he art-directed independent feature film one-sheets, as well as their video packaging and promotional materials. As a freelance art director, he currently develops marketing and collateral materials for RHA Howell, a non-profit organization providing for children and adults with disabilities. “Our lifestyles have become quick and disposable,” says Jeff. “I think we all want to leave some sort of mark or legacy that says ‘This was what I was about.’ When my mother-in-law Silvia died, she left behind boxes and boxes of beautiful photos of her life in Cuba and her renewal here in the states as a single mom raising 2 kids. I scanned and organized her photos. No one in her very large family had any idea these photos existed, and those that did, didn’t know what to do with them. I compiled them into a book and gave them to family members during her memorial service. It was a tribute, a historical document, and a lasting memory of Silvia AND her family.”

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