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Biodegradable Urns


Many people today are making choices based on environmental convictions. For that reason, we offer biodegradable cremation urns. These are urns that are made of materials that decompose with time. They are sturdy enough to hold ashes for a ritual or ceremony, yet will return back to the earth after time.

Some people will have the biodegradable urn present at their end of life ritual of choice, and will then bury the urn, or even float it in a river or the sea. It will eventually become one with nature. 

There is no sacrificing beauty or anesthetic with our biodegradable urns. They are handmade by artists, as are all of our products, with care and special attention to detail. They are constructed with earth-friendly materials, so that they will not pollute or disrupt the environment.

burial urn

"True Blue" Biodegradable Urn

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