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About Shine On Brightly and Adrienne Crowther

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So many people tell me that they felt so overwhelmed by searching for the perfect memorial keepsakes for a loved one. Their internet searches took them through pages and pages of website listings, yet all of the products looked the same...... until they found Shine On Brightly, which, they often tell me, is such a breath of fresh air. 
I happen to agree. I formed this company in 2008 - the result of a lifelong passion for art, love for people and their stories, and lots of research on the changing trends around life and death rituals (especially among babyboomers). Fifteen months later, the most unimaginable turn of events changed my supposedly carefully navigated path. My husband of 30 years passed away unexpectedly. Nine months after that, his sister, who had been one of my dearest childhood friends, also died.

At first, I felt paralyzed by these losses. But I quickly realized that I had created my own vocation. I am now, more than ever, committed to the importance of memorialization by honoring a spirit with art and beauty.

I realize that, when we lose a loved one, we are exhausted, overcome with grief, confused, and devastated. There are so many decisions to be made, yet not a lot of clues as to how to make them. It felt, to me, as though I needed time to assimilate the experience.
Finding the perfect way to memorialize your loved one takes time. It's not an impulse decision - ever! Customer service is paramount to me. I love people, and I consider it such an honor to serve people in their moment of grief and loss. I am passionate about what I do, and I am here to help you with this immensely important decision. I encourage anyone to call me for a free consultation.I am available toll free at 866-844-4469, or by email at acrowther@shineonbrightly.com
During my years as Executive Director of the Asheville Area Arts Council, I met so many talented artists. I was deeply involved in helping artists promote their work, because I believe so strongly that the handmade object has been overtaken by the mass-produced, impersonal products that dominate every marketplace. We've gotten so far away from appreciation for something that is made by a human with care and skill. I am committed to helping people come back to understanding the beauty and meaning in something that is made by hand.
Since 2008, I've watched the changes in funeral trends, both as a product provider, and a consumer. I realize that more and more people are opting for cremation, the babyboomer generation (of which I am a proud member!) has transformed the way we send off our loved ones. The traditional funeral has evolved from a religious or somber service that often falls short of telling the story of the loved one, to a celebration of life, where stories are told, favorite music is played, and the spirit and personality of the loved one is honored and shared.
When my husband passed away, my daughters, his sister, my nieces, and nephew, spent an entire week writing from the heart, exchanging stories - both funny and honorable - and creating a memorial service that truly honored his spirit. We held it in our yard, because he loved our home, and spent countless hours in the garden. The service was held in August, so we rented a tent, gathered our favorite photos for a slideshow, compiled hours of his favorite blues, jazz, and rock music, and gathered with friends to honor and celebrate him for all that he was. We laughed and cried, and remembered him lovingly. 
Then my sister-in-law passed away 9 months later. The very same sister-in-law who helped us during that week! I offered the same support to her children, and together we planned a beautiful, yet very different memorial gathering. And again, a year later, my siblings and I created a sendoff that perfectly honored my mom, who died at age 83. It was a wild, three-year period, but I learned a lot about honoring 3 of my favorite people in the world.
I would love to pass along this knowledge to you. I write a lot of articles about loss and grieving. As a lover of people and stories, I feel skilled at listening carefully and connecting people with the resources, information, and support that are needed at that difficult time, to help you find the right way - for you - to honor your loved one. Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation. Please share your story with me so that I can help. I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Adrienne Crowther

Founder and Owner of Shine On Brightly

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