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About Decorative Cremation Urns

Shine on Brightly is the premier resource for hand-crafted, decorative cremation urns. All of our urns are made with skill and compassion by artisans in the US. We believe that every life deserves to be honored in a way that reflects the individual personality and spirit of that person. A cremation urn that is made by an artist is made with attention to detail, care, expertise, and energy. A mass-produced item, whether a cremation urn or anything else, can be manufactured at a remarkable speed, usually with cheap material. For this reason, it can be priced quite low. However, there is no feeling or thought involved in its production. The handmade object, on the other hand, takes time, mastery, and mindfulness. The difference in quality is really incomparable. A handmade, decorative cremation urn is unique. You won’t walk into someone’s home and see the very same urn for a very different person

We live in a world of fast-paced, mass-produced, outsourced materials. When making a purchase that is as important as a cremation urn for a loved one, it's important to learn about your options. We, at Shine On Brightly, are delighted to provide affordable, beautiful, well-crafted cremation urns and memorial keepsakes to offer to you for this important decision. 

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